Fitness Goes Beyond Weightloss

(Photo: Courtesy of Dogpound)

As the lead content writer for the Dogpound, an amazing up-and-coming gym in New York City, I have found myself in the unique position of studying and researching subjects about which I previously had only a superficial knowledge.

Fitness, health, and nutrition are so important. I can honestly say that I’ve learned an incredible amount, not only from the hours of research I do for each article, but from working with the incredible team at the Dogpound. These guys are phenomenal trainers, nutritionists, boxers, and all around unbelievable human beings.

On latest article, published in Downtown Magazine NYC, I worked with Dogpound CEO and Founder Kirk Myers to share just a handful of the hundreds of benefits there are to working out that go far beyond what we can see.

(Photo: Courtesy of Kirk Myers/Downtown Magazine NYC)

Working out not only affects our mood, our happiness, our quality of sleep, but it prevents heart disease, positively impacts cholesterol levels, and even changes our DNA so that we age slower. (Who wouldn’t want to age slower?!)

To learn more ways fitness benefits us, check out the Dogpound Blog or go directly to the article “10 Fitness Benefits That Go Way Beyond Weight Loss.”


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