Writing About Working Out

One of the more fantastic aspects of my job as the writer and editor of the DOGPOUND blog is that I have the opportunity to learn and write about fitness techniques and trends. I get to use my experience as a researcher to mine the internet, scholarly journals, and assorted literature for information about the human body and how strength training and fitness can improve quality of life, and then I get to apply my newfound knowledge to my own life.

This is important.

I don’t really want to get into my own story here–maybe another time–but suffice it to say that since I started working with the DOGPOUND, I’ve lost 50 lbs. I’ve gained a huge understanding of body mechanics, nutrition, and fitness, and I believe my mindset is healthier.

The DOGPOUND is more than just a gym. It’s more than boxing classes, more than working out with a trainer, more than a destination to get your sweat on. What I’ve learned as a part of this incredible team is that the DOGPOUND is a lifestyle rooted in healthy attitudes and positivity.

The actual gym location is in New York City, so as a resident of the greater Los Angeles area, I don’t have many opportunities to visit the brick-and-mortar hot spot popularized by Victoria’s Secret Models, pop-music superstars, Olympic athletes, famous actors and photographers. But I do get to work with the founders, trainers, and clients to pick their brains about what the DOGPOUND is all about–what fitness means to them. I get to talk to these hard-working, friendly, and oh-so-supportive  team members about all the ways fitness can change your life.

Going to the gym is a tiny part of living well. In all honesty, it’s almost non-essential. Gym memberships are expensive. They require commuting. They lack privacy. Sometimes they are crowded. Or noisy. Or smelly. Sometimes working out in your own living room or garage is less stressful.

That being said, finding a gym that is more of a community than just a place to  pump iron is so rewarding. A gym where everyone there has the same goal: to be the best version of them self they possibly can. The fact that every employee is ready and willing to get you there is something special.

The DOGPOUND is about living well, working hard, and reaching your goals.

But not alone.

It takes a community to lose weight and keep it off. It takes a support network to feel safe, comfortable, and powerful. It takes motivation to be your best, and then work even harder to be better than even that.

The DOGPOUND is about being fierce. Strong. Smashing it.

But it also is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and not being judged. It’s about building skills, learning new techniques, new routines, and exceeding expectations.

So, while I live on the other side of the country, and I don’t work out a lot in the DOGPOUND gym, I am working my butt off to live the lifestyle.

This month on the DOGPOUND blog I wrote about why proper form is crucial to working out safely, especially when lifting weights. Check it out.

Photos Courtesy of the DOGPOUND/Nigel Barker



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