Creamy (Vegan) Cilantro Lime Dressing Makes My World Go Round

There’s nothing like a fantastic recipe that comes out of necessity or just not having a whole lot in the fridge. Since we are leaving town tomorrow, there’s slim pickings for lunch. But, I’ve always got lettuce or greens on hand. A simple salad with a knockout dressing does the trick. And this dressing was…

Try Some of These Recipes for Your Memorial Day Barbecue

Having a barbecue this Memorial Day? At a loss for what to cook for your friends and family? Don’t worry, because this unforgettable list for has got you covered with some fantastic dishes that will not only taste delicious, but will have everyone you know clamoring for the recipe.

Vegetarian Mujadara with a Fried Egg

Who wouldn’t want to fill up on a warm, comforting bowl of rice and lentils? Nothing hits the spot on a cold day like cozy and somewhat spicy food. This recipe was adapted from several I have seen, although my favorite was posted on The Kitchn (perhaps my favorite website dedicated to all things cooking)….